Fix Dewalt and All Brands & Voltages of NiCad Power Tool Batteries
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$3.95 - Battery Resurrection® Guide™ STD Online Version - $3.95
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Even though this battery was fully charged a day earlier, it has lost its charge.

It should read at least 14.4 volts on the volt meter, but it is only 6.3 volts.


nicad battery before resurrection

After Resurrection and some usage, it is still showing more than 14.4 volts. It was resurrected and charged over a week ago!

(Time Resurrection lasts depends upon the initial condition of the battery) 

nicad battery after resurrection

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This Guide Is For You If:

  • Your battery is dead and won't take a charge
  • Your battery is weak even after charging for a full day
  • Your battery works ok for a minute and then loses power
  • Your battery takes a charge, but is dead or weak after a few hours
  • Your charger light comes on and says to replace your battery
  • Your batteries have been stored for 2, 5, or even 10 years and won't charge or have no power

You Can Expect:

  • To be successful about 98% of the time
  • To Resurrect all NiCad batteries from all manufacturers
  • To Resurrect NiCad batteries in tools like screwdrivers, phones, shavers, race cars, flashlights, and any other appliance where you can open the device to access the internal batteries.
  • To need a volt meter, a battery, and a few household items - you can buy a digital meter for $1.99+ - There is a link in the guide
  • To Spend about 2 minutes to perform Battery Resurrection®- no need to open the battery in most cases
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ONE Guide for all voltages and brands of NiCad Batteries including, Dewalt, Makita, Ryobi, Black and Decker Firestorm & Versapak, Porter Cable, Bosch, Fein, Hitachi, Skil, Milwaukee, Craftsman, Coleman, Delta, Ingersoll Rand, Lincoln, Metabo, Panasonic, Harbor Freight, Paslode, Ridgid, Sears, Snap-on, Senco, Worx and Panasonic.
Learn the Secret & Fix Your NiCad Cordless Power Tool Batteries & Save Big $$$ Now

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Dewalt - Makita - Black & Decker - Firestorm - Versapak - Ryobi - Milwaukee - Bosch - Skil - Hitachi

The Battery Resurrection® Guide™ PRO Version costs more, but has the following:

  • Thousands of satisfied users - Read Testimonials
  • Help section with answers and solutions collected over 3 years (can only get with Resurrection)
  • Easy Resurrection™ - no need to open the battery - the quickest & fastest repair
  • 3 Step Resurrection™ - for stubborn batteries, this goes to the cellular level
  • Tools section - shows how to resurrect the cells built into tools - clippers, dustbuster, roomba, screwdriver
  • A cutaway view of a serious manufacturing defect in some cells that you must be careful with.
  • Some batteries have security screws - learn how to remove them and unlock your battery
  • Cell replacement section showing the safe way to do it
  • How to Rebuild a battery, where to get free replacement cells and links to buy new cheap cells

This is the only guide you will need to buy - covers all battery brands and voltages
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  • Step by step process and pictures for Easy Resurrection™
  • Step by step process and pictures for 3 step Resurrection™
  • Step by step process and pictures for internal tool battery Resurrection®
  • Step by step process and pictures for cell replacement and battery rebuilding
  • Over 15 online pages - Large text - Easy to understand - Pictures for every step

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